Reproductive Medicine

Introduction to Reproductive Medicine

The Reproductive Medicine Division provides clinical management for patients with subfertility, menstrual & reproductive endocrine disorders, and menopause-related problems. The Division is a multi-disciplinary team with contributions from urologists, endocrinologists, geneticists, psychologists and medical social workers. Our mission is to provide high quality patient-centred service to the community at secondary and tertiary levels in an effective and efficient manner, capitalising on the expertise of the staff from both the Hospital Authority and the University of Hong Kong.

Apart from teaching medical and science undergraduates and postgraduates, we provide training to doctors, nurses and other allied health workers in Hong Kong, mainland China and other parts of South East Asia. We conduct clinical and basic research related to human reproduction. Our Division is a recognized centre for subspecialist training in Reproductive Medicine by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UK, and the Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. We also organize courses on various aspects of reproductive medicine on a regular basis.

Division / Team Activities
  1. Subfertility Clinic
    Patients who are unable to conceive due to various reasons and those suffering from recurrent miscarriage will be seen at the Subfertility clinic. Those having severe male problems are further evaluated at the Male Infertility Clinic run by the Urologist. The treatment we can offer includes reproductive surgery, induction of ovulation by anti-oestrogen and gonadotrophin injection, as well as assisted reproduction.

  2. Assisted Reproduction
    Our Division runs the HKU-QMH Centre of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology (HKU-QMH CARE), which is a treatment centre licensed by the Council on Human Reproductive Technology, Hong Kong.
    We provide intrauterine insemination (with or without ovarian stimulation) and in vitro fertilization treatment (including intracytoplasmic sperm injection and embryo freezing). Spermatozoa may be obtained by a surgical operation from the epididymis in men with obstructive azoospermia and from the testis in men with non-obstructive azoospermia. Semen cryopreservation is offered to those patients who require surgical retrieval of spermatozoa and cancer patients who may become azoospermic after treatment.
    Genetic diagnosis of embryos prior to transfer (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) may also be performed in patients with chromosomal abnormalities and single-gene diseases (e.g. thalassemia).
    Counselling and psychological support are provided to those patients in need by Medical Social Workers from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU, who work closely with us.
    [Refer to the HKU-QMH CARE webpage for details]

  3. Reproductive Endocrine Clinic
    Patients with menstrual irregularities, endocrine disorders and developmental abnormalities of the genital tract are managed at the Reproductive Endocrine Clinic. Women with Turner’s syndrome, premature ovarian insufficiency and those who are cancer survivors are seen in specified sessions of the clinic.

  4. Menopause Clinic
    Patients with problems related to premature / surgical / natural menopause requiring counselling and / or treatment are seen at the Menopause Clinic.

  5. Reproductive Genetic Clinic
    Patients with special genetic conditions who are contemplating pregnancy and considering pre-implantation genetic diagnosis are seen in the Reproductive Genetic Clinic, which is a subsidiary of our Subfertility Clinic.

  6. Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic
    Patients with recurrent miscarriages (two or more times) are assessed and investigated in the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic.

Staff (Clinical/Nursing/Laboratory)
  • Dr. Raymond H.W. LI (Head of Division, Associate Professor)
  • Prof. Ernest H.Y. NG (Professor)
  • Dr. Jennifer K.Y. KO (Consultant)
  • Dr. Heidi H.Y. CHENG (Associate Consultant)
  • Dr. Paul Y.W. TONG (Associate Consultant)
  • Dr. Evelyn WONG (Associate Consultant)
  • Dr. Sofie S.F. YUNG (Clinical Assistant Professor)
ART Laboratory
  • Prof. William S.B. YEUNG (Scientific Director, Professor)
  • Dr. Kevin K.W. LAM (Deputy IVF Laboratory Director)
  • Dr. Judy F.C. CHOW (Technical Manager)
  • Mr. T.M. CHEUNG (Technical Manager)
  • Ms Jenny Z.Q. JIN (Assistant Technical Manager)
  • Mr. Percy C.K. TSANG (Assistant Technical Manager)
  • Ms Wanda C.W. HO (Embryologist)
  • Ms Jazmine W.K. LEUNG (Embryologist)
  • Ms Y.S. TAN (Embryologist)
  • Ms X.L. YANG (Embryologist)
  • Ms Sharon H.T. LAU (Embryologist Trainee)
  • Ms Sharon W.T. HO (Associate Medical Technologist)
  • Ms Connie C.Y. CHAN (Senior Technical Officer)
  • Mr. Tim K.C. LEUNG (Senior Technical Officer)
  • Mr. Anson T.S. LEE (Embryologist Trainee)
  • Mr. Anthony C.H. PE (Technical Officer)
  • Ms Vani W.K YAM (Laboratory Assistant)
  • Ms C.D. YI (Office Attendant)
  • Ms W.M. CHEUNG (IVF Nurse Co-ordinator)
  • Ms C.P. DO (IVF Nurse Co-ordinator)
  • Ms P.L. CHAN (IVF Nurse)
  • Ms Jane Y.C. CHAN (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Chloe K.Y. CHANG (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Rosita L.Y. CHEUNG (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Kitty S.Y. CHOW (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Anna Y.N. LEE (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Tracy C.S. NG (Research Nurse)
  • Ms J.C. TAM (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Wylie Y.L. WONG (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Joyce M.C. YUEN (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Merie L.C. YUEN (Research Nurse)
  • Prof. William S.B. YEUNG (Professor)
  • Prof. K. LIU (Professor)
  • Dr. Philip C.N. CHIU (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Calvin K.F. LEE (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Keith C.L. LEE (Research Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Cherie Y.L. LEE (Research Officer)
  • Dr. Rachel W.S. CHAN (Research Officer)
  • Dr. Andy C.H. CHEN (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Dr. M. LI (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Dr. D. LIU (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Dr. W. LIU (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Ms F.Y. CHOW
  • Ms May C.M. DO
  • Ms Candy Y.P. WONG

Clinical Services

At S5 Out-Patient Clinic,QMH:

Subfertility Clinic Every Tuesday pm and Friday pm
Reproductive Endocrine Clinic Every Tuesday pm
Menopause Clinic Every Tuesday pm
Reproductive Genetic Clinic Friday pm
Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic Friday pm

At K5N, QMH:

Assisted Reproduction Clinic Every morning
Operation sessions:
Reproductive surgery Every Friday am
Assisted reproduction procedures Every morning
Teaching sessions:
Reproduction Round (case discussions, journal clubs, research meetings) Every Monday 1-2 pm
Assisted Reproduction meeting Every Thursday 1-2 pm