High Risk Obstetrics


High Risk Obstetrics Team provides subspecialty level obstetric care for mothers with various medical and surgical disorders, as well as mothers with significant obstetric risk factors. We provide joint management with physicians, surgeons, anaesthesiologists and neonatologists in order to offer a multi-disciplinary approach of maternity care. We also accept referral for pre-pregnancy counseling for women with medical or surgical co-morbidities.

Clinical Services
In-patient service

Our in-patient service is provided at Queen Mary Hospital

Out-patient service

The following out-patient services are provided by High Risk Obstetrics Team:

  • High Risk Obstetrics Clinic (Queen Mary Hospital)
  • Combined Medical Clinic (Queen Mary Hospital)
  • Combined Endocrine Clinic (Queen Mary Hospital)
  • Pre-pregnancy Counseling Clinic (Queen Mary Hospital)
  • Multiple Pregnancy Clinic (Tsan Yuk Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital)

Maternal and Fetal Medicine (MFM) Day Assessment Service

This provides an efficient and clinically orientated maternal and fetal assessment service for patients under both High Risk Obstetrics Team and General Obstetrics Teams. It also provides an alternative environment for close and regular fetal monitoring on an out-patient basis.