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Pregnancy and delivery are usually normal and natural things that occur in a woman’s life. However, without any preparation, the woman may find it more stressful and frightening. In addition, your expectation of labour and delivery may also be different from what we can provide in our maternity unit.

In order to enhance the communication and understanding between the midwives / obstetricians and you, to reduce your stress and to help you to be better prepared for the child birth, we would like your participation in making your own birth plan. We hope that you and your partner can join our antenatal health talk. During the talk, we will answer your queries, and let you know more about us, about the services that we provide.

The following is just a basic list of issues that we prepare to help your planning. Please note that the list is made with the assumption of normal vaginal birth. For conditions that require medical intervention, the situation will be different and our midwives and obstetricians will give you the necessary explanation when required. Please feel free to add in any information or item that you think relevant. You can pass your birth plan to midwife on you admission for delivery.

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