Dr. Kevin K.W. LAM 林嘉維博士

Dr. Kevin Lam hku_logo qmh_logo

Deputy IVF Laboratory Director

BSc; PhD (HK)

location Rm 570, 5/F, Block K, Queen Mary Hospital
phone (852) 2255-4078
fax (852) 2255-3413
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Awards and Honors

  • Best oral presentation award: Lam KKW, Chiu PCN, Lee CL, Chung MK, Lee KF, Yeung WSB, Ho PC (2008) Glycodelin-A suppresses human extravillous cytotrophoblast invasion through modulating matrix metalloproteinases activities. OR-03. The Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction Annual Scientific Meeting. 30 Nov 2008, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR.