Dr. Kelvin Y.K. CHAN 陳遠光博士

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Scientific Officer

BSc; PhD

location West Wing, 3rd Floor, Prenatal Diagnostic Laboratory, Tsan Yuk Hospital
phone (852)-2589-2327
fax (852)-2517-2373
email HKU Scholars Hub
Research Interests
  • Diagnostic application of molecular profiling, genotyping, and mutation detection for human diseases and abnormalities.
  • Genetic risk associations using candidate genes and genome-wide approaches;
  • Study of functions of the risk associated or contributed genetic variants;
  • Study of epigenetic events.
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Research Grants

  • Medical application of whole-genome technologies. S K Yee Medical Research Fund (2012) (Co-Principal Investigator) HK$5M
  • Integrated human papillomavirus analysis as adjunct for triage of atypical cervical cytology. RFCID (2008) $799k
  • Splicing variant profiling in relation to Estrogen Receptor gene expression in Chinese breast cancer. GRF (2007) (Co-Investigator) HK$883k
  • Study of human papillomavirus status in Southern Chinese women with normal cervix, precancerous cervical lesions and cervical cancers. RFCID (2006) (Co-Investigator) HK$805k
  • Promoter polymorphisms of DC-SIGN in relation to host genetic susceptibility to SARS infection. RFCID (2006) (Co-Investigator) HK$805k
  • The functional role of ICAM3 polymorphism in genetic susceptibility to SARS infection. RFCID (2005) (Co-Investigator) HK$798k
  • Gene-based and haplotype analysis of the estrogen receptor genes for breast cancer susceptibility. GRF (2005) (Co-Investigator) HK$719k
  • Stem cell related genes in gestational trophoblastic diseases. GRF (2004) (Co-Investigator) HK$940k

Professional Activities

  • 2009 - present Academic Editor of an international peer-reviewed journal PLoS One
  • 2011-present Associate Member, Hong Kong Society of Cytogenetics