General News

Five GRF grants awarded 2015-2016

Congratulation to the following staff:

Prof EHY Ng Myometrial cells modulate the activities of endometrial mesenchymal-like stem cells HK$889,107
Prof WSB Yeung Polyamine/Let-7 signaling in embryo implantation and diapause HK$1,012,304
Dr CKF Lee Bisphenol A analogues: Mechanistic actions on Embryo implantation and Endometrial Receptivity HK$920,395
Dr PCN Chiu The role of glycodelin-A on the vascular remodeling function of decidual natural killer cells during early pregnancy and its association with preeclampsia HK$1,064,451
Dr DW Chan The functional role of Hsa-miR-141 in metastatic progression of ovarian cancer HK$1,344,714