General News

Five GRF grants awarded (2014-2015)

Congratulation to the following staff:

Professor H.Y.S. Ngan Functional characterization of CD71(+) population and the roles of HPV-E6 protein in cervical cancer HK$671,552
Dr. K.K.L. Chan Role of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 (PDK1) in tumorigenesis and metastasis of ovarian cancer HK$567,202
Dr. R.H.W. Li Role of adrenomedullin and inflammatory mediators in pathogenesis of tubal ectopic pregnancy HK$645,264
Dr. C.K.F. Lee Human embryonic stem cell-derived trophoblastic cells for the development of a novel implantation model HK$1,198,800
Dr. C.N. Chiu The role of galectin-3 in spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding and its association with fertilization in vitro $1,133,440